An Easy and Fast WYSIWYG Editor

Keep a reference of Simditor instance and call the methods:

# init Simditor
editor = new Simditor
  textarea: $('#editor')

# call setValue to set content
editor.setValue 'hello world'

Public Methods

setValue val String

Set the body content of Simditor. Simditor would format the new content automatically.

getValue return value: String

Get the body content of Simditor in HTML format.

sync return value: String

Synchronize the body content of Simditor to the value attribute of the textarea. Return the HTML content of the editor.

focus return value: jQuery Object

Focus the textarea and trigger 'focus' event.

blur return value: jQuery Object

Blur the textarea and trigger 'blur' event.

hidePopover return value: jQuery Object

Hide the popover dialog such as image editing and link dialog.


Destroy Simditor, unbind all event and remove all HTML elements created by Simditor.

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